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FortiClient VPN Review: Is Forticlient VPN a Good VPN?

When it comes to security and privacy online, most of us take for granted the services we use and how safe they are. However, this is not the case for everyone, as there are still plenty of people that don’t know how to protect their personal information and sensitive data from hackers and cybercriminals. In this Forticlient Review, you will find out if this is a good VPN, and whether it’s right for you.

What is Forticlient?

Forticlient is a Singapore-based VPN provider that was founded in 2014. It’s been around for a while now, seeing rapid growth and expansion since it’s launch. Forticlient allows you to secure your entire internet connection with a single VPN account. However, unlike traditional VPNs, Forticlient doesn’t offer a separate server for each country, or even each continent. Instead, they have one massive server network that spans the entire world.

Is Forticlient A Good VPN?

In this Forticlient Review, we will discuss the pros and cons of using this VPN, so that you can make the right decision if this is the right VPN for you.

First and foremost, Forticlient is a premium VPN service that’s aimed at people who care about online privacy and security, and want to protect their online identity and traffic. It is not a free VPN, but it does offer a free trial period of seven days, so you can try it out risk free. If you do decide to continue using it, Forticlient does charge a one-time $7.50 subscription fee. However, this is a one-time fee, and you can easily extend the subscription for another month or so, depending on your needs.

Is FortiClient VPN free?

The answer is yes and no. FortiClient VPN for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore without a subscription plan. However to use it on more than five devices you will need a Fortinet Software Subscription which starts at $5/month with 10 connections allowed per account.

What is FortiClient VPN used for?

FortiClient VPN is a security software that offers protection against malware, hackers and data theft. It encrypts your traffic with the Fortinet Secure Web Gateway (FWG) which has been certified by SOC 2 Type II audit.

It can be used to protect PCs running Windows or Mac OS X from threats like phishing, spam email and malicious websites before they reach their destination by routing all of your internet activity through our secure gateway at 100% network speed for maximum performance.

So it keeps you safe online in both public Wi-Fi hotspots as well as private networks when connected over any wired/wireless interface including Ethernet cables and WLAN connections.

VPN can also be used by bypass online censorship. For example, in China the Great Firewall blocks access to websites like Facebook and Twitter. Some great VPNs for China (VPN排行) help people reach those sites while also protecting their privacy from government surveillance.

How Many VPN Servers Does FortiClient VPN Offer?

Many people use VPNs to get different IP addresses. For example, with a good Japan VPN (日本に最適なVPN), you can get an IP address in Japan and thus access Japan-only contents online.

In total, FortiClient offers over 3000 server locations in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America etc.

How does Forticlient VPN work?

Like most VPNs, Forticlient works by encrypting your data and sending it through an intermediary server, before sending it to the intended destination. However, unlike many other VPNs, Forticlient does not have any geographical restrictions. This means that you can access any website and online service that’s available worldwide, not just those that are available in your country.

Pros of Forticlient VPN

  • Very affordable and affordable VPN fees.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Allows torrenting.
  • Allows a maximum of five devices to use the VPN at once.

Cons of Forticlient VPN

  • A bit on the slow side.
  • Only allows one device to be connected at a time.
  • Only allows one device to be connected to the VPN at a time.


In conclusion, Forticlient is a great VPN service. It’s very affordable, has a ton of great features, and is also one of the fastest growing VPNs. However, it does have a few issues, such as being a bit on the slow side, and only being able to connect one device to the service. Overall, though, if you’re looking for a VPN that’s easy to set up, has a ton of great features, and is very affordable, then Forticlient is the VPN for you.